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Providing quality renovations and repairs for homes, businesses, non-profits and more. 

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Welcome to my website. My name is Christoper T. Frank. I have been in the trades for over a decade and have worked in many different fields of trade. With a Midwest hospitality charm and Kaizen(continuous improvement) mindset. You can trust I will always deliver top quality end results.


Bringing integrity, clear communication and quality work into each customers home. No cutting corners, peace of mind.


To provide to clean, quality renovations and/or repairs in your home or place of business, with efficiency in mind, while respecting the environment that is your home and workspace.


View my list of my renovations and repair services below. 

Painting & Finishing

I paint with Sherwin Williams products. Offering both interior and exterior painting, as well as trim, windows, doors and cabinets.

Drywall Repair

With skill sets in both drywall installation and repairs. CTF can repair smooth walls, to orange peel, knockdown and even skip-trowel.


I am able to frame 8 to 10 ft walls, install stairs, install shelves and the like. I can also tend to the finer side of things such as trim, cabinet repair, and medium to small table fabrication.

Demolition & Deconstruction

I worked with a crew who worked on the Kohler(™) photo sets where delicate deconstruction was a must. Clean, quiet and careful or rough, dirty and quick.


I work with a LL Flooring or Home Depot to help you choose the right tile, grout, mortar and leveling compound. Installation will be clean and done with high attention to detail.

Property Maintenance

I am able to replace medium to small doors as well as medium to small windows. I also offer appliance installation/removal, abatements, pressure washing and minor landscaping.

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Why Choose Me

Quality & Integrity Work

I am very clean, keep noise to a minimum, never inappropriate music and I respect your home. My attention to detail is high and I refuse to cut corners. I believe in working with top quality products that last. Not ones that will fade within a years time. Which is why I can guarantee my work and materials will last.


Common Questions

I know potentially starting up a project can bring up a lot of questions. Especially when it comes to the worker(s) you will have in your home. At CTF I always work to make my customers feel at ease. Scroll down to see some of the common questions I get asked. 

I always use drop clothes and masking to contain my mess, as well as plenty of other methods to help contain dust. I always vacuum and wipe down my jobsites afterwards as well. If a more detailed clean is desired, I can offer a referal for a cleaning service.

I do my best to keep sound to a minimum. However, sanding, drilling, hammering or vacuuming may be needed. I can tent off most work zones so it will be contained, clean and minimum distractions. If necessary, I will even set up a negative pressure zone to keep smell and other dust contained.

I work with top quality products, so material costs won't be "cheap." Also, I focus on detail and cleanliness so I won't be cheap, but I will be reasonable. If you have a budget, let me know and I will do my best to meet that.

I can definitely do that for you. However, if I am unfamiliar with the product or material or don't agree with the end quality, I can't guarantee my work and the project may take longer to complete.

As much as I love animals (have a few myself), it is very hard to explain to them that they can't enter a work space and I am there to work. I would prefer they be kept in a separate room unless this results in continuous barking/meowing/scratching.


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Thanks so much for dropping by. If you’ve made it this far and are curious about a quote, please fill out the form below and I will contact you in one to two business days to set up an estimate. After I have assessed the project, an estimate for the project will be provided within a week to two weeks. The option for working with time and materials is available for those prioritizing quality over price.

Providing quality renovations and repairs for homes, businesses, non-profits and more. 

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